“Nice jumpsuit. Slimming!”

“Hi! Is this the flight to Newark?”

“Saving bad guys from other bad guys. Not how I thought today would go”

Recognized these yet?

If yes, you know what this article will be all about. If no, get up to speed, will ya? These are some of the quips made by Spiderman in the upcoming release.

YES, SPIDERMAN! The web slinging hero has made a dramatic return to the gaming world. Marvel’s Spiderman, as the official title of the game goes, was announced at the business end of Sony’s E3 conference. A PlayStation exclusive, the game is slated for release somewhere down the line in 2018. The developers of this game are the Insomniac games, the Sony owned studio behind some critically acclaimed titles like Ratchet and Clank, Spyro the Dragon and the Resistance series.

Insomniac Games has to decided to launch their own brand of Spiderman. The developers have stated that they have created a new universe, strictly in contrast to the Marvel comic books universe. What’s more, they have even given Spidey a visual makeover. The new suit is a mixture of red, blue and white linings. Even the famed spider symbol on the suit is white. There seems to be a reason behind the white spider, as will be revealed once the game is launched.

The gameplay trailer looked absolutely gorgeous. The rendering of the Manhattan skyline looked visually stunning. The graphics were crisp, the shadows and lighting schemes more prominent and overall just drop dead fabulous. The voice acting of Peter Parker is just so realistic, it perfectly suits him. Even the sound effects and background tracks during combat and action sequences were good enough to just immerse you in the trailer.

The combat system looked slick, fast paced and just how you would expect Spiderman to fight. The combat mechanics are almost a mirror copy of Batman’s Arkham games, with emphasis on counters and dynamic fighting. The Spidey Sense tingles when he is about to get hit, giving you enough time to manoeuvre yourself out of harm’s way. Just the way Spidey fights, it looks just perfect, consisting of vaults, leaps, flips, insane stunts and of course, the web.

Spiderman is no Spiderman without his web. And it has been revamped, giving new tactics for him to use in and out of combat. In the trailer, we saw Spidey pinned his enemies to the ground by shooting them with multiple web shots and hung them to construction beams, using them as a pulley. You can pick stuff with the web and bash it into enemies. The game has even got a mechanic where you can fire web on a spot and it shoots itself after a time delay, as was evident in the trailer.


We got a good look of Mr. Negative, who seems to be a vital cog in the story of the game, playing as one of the antagonists. The negative effects and superpowers were surreal. Quick Time Events or QTEs are going to be a big part ofthe game. Since Spiderman is going to be a cinematic experience, it’s better to involve QTEs in action sequences rather than showing a long cutscene. Though most gamers think QTEs to be a downside, the QTEs seem to fit in very well in the gameplay. The entire showing was just fluid and seamless.

Free roam will be available from the start of the game. This comes as a positive and exciting news because who wouldn’t want to swing around the Manhattan as Spiderman? So traversing the entire map will certainly overcome the players with childish delight and glee. The map size is gigantic so there will always be new nooks and crannies to explore.

Overall, the game looks most promising to deliver a rich superhero experience. And superhero games have a bad history in gaming industry save the Batman Arkham games. But Insomniac Games seems to have found the perfect blend of everything to give people everybody’s first childhood superhero. They have captured the very essence of Peter Parker as Spiderman, with his cheeky one-liners and city-saving sprees. This game promises to be a worthy successor of the Spiderman 2, which was released in 2004 and was very well received by critics and gamers alike. Every single Spiderman game venture since then has ended up being a disaster. But this game has given us hopes that this could very well be the game most Spiderman fans were waiting for.

And with PS4 Pro being severely outmatched by the world’s most powerful console Xbox One X, this game could be the game-changing  factor in the war of the consoles, since Microsoft didn’t reveal any significant exclusive for the One X.




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Ah, its finally here. The much anticipated game Assassins’ Creed Origins in the long running franchise by Ubisoft was officially unveiled to the public at Microsoft’s E3 conference. And boy has it sent expectation levels soaring through the roof when it finally hits the market!

Yes, it is based in Ancient Egypt at the height of its glory. The pyramids and sphinxes have already been built and are ready for you to explore. The open world of the game looks visually stunning in 4K on the Xbox One X. The map has been designed with great finesse and precision. The game allows you to explore its vast open world, consisting of the scorching desert, the crystal clear water and the city.

The protagonist of the game is Bayek, a sort of Egyptian sheriff, who upholds the virtue of justice by punishing those who don’t abide by the law. He is probably the first assassin chronologically in the history of the Assassins Creed franchise. We will surely see the formation of the Assassins Brotherhood in the game at some point to aid Bayek to aid him against the opposition.

Helping Bayek in his quest will be his eagle, the animal most revered by the brotherhood. The eagle will be part of the gameplay by being your eyes in the air and scouting enemy encampments. This game will reveal the importance of the Eagle in the previous games. The map can be traversed on horseback. The water effects in the game look absolutely gorgeous. The water bodies are fully explorable, both on the surface and underwater. But the waters are infested with vicious large crocodiles and hippos. Naval combat will be available! Though not on the scale of the critically acclaimed Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, but yeah, it will constitute some major part of the missions.

Another drastic change from the previous titles is the revamped combat system. The previous counter-based combat has been discarded for a new hack and slash based combat, resembling that of Dark Souls and the The Witcher series. So the fights will be tougher, making stealth more essential. The game will feature the use of bow and arrow, as shown in the gameplay. You can fire arrows from horseback also. It will be interesting to see if the game allows you to shoot multiple arrows at once, as depicted by the end of the trailer. The origins of the Hidden Blade should be revealed as the history of the weapon has never really been shown. In addition to the Hidden Blade, the game offers a wide array of weapons (more than 150) to choose from. The game features strong RPG mechanics, with extensive customization available. You can develop and upgrade your assassin as you want to suit your playing style.

Ubisoft has done the right thing by opting to sit out 2016 after releasing the Assassins Creed Syndicate in 2015. This has given them time to iron out the wrinkles from their previous games and introduce new mechanics. The team behind the Black Flag game is also behind the wheel on this one. Assassins Creed Origins promises to be an absolute cracker of a game, slated for October 2017 release on the PS4, the Xbox One and One X and PC. Ubisoft certainly will hope that this title will breathe new life into the dwindling franchise. But more than that, we gamers and passionate fans of the series will certainly want to enjoy the thrill of sneaking, leaping, stabbing and assassinating through the game like the glorious old days.



bro 2


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8 Most Iconic Weapons in Gaming History

Weapons make up an integral part of video games. The game may have an immersive storyline, close-to-real graphics, excellent gameplay and all that but it is the weapons that allow us to wreak havoc in the virtual world to our heart’s content.

Video game weapons come in a variety of choices: guns, swords, blades you name it. But there are some weapons that have established their footprint in the gaming world due to their unique abilities and history. You can immediately associate some weapons to the characters who wield them.

So here are 10 most iconic gaming weapons in gaming history that have made themselves immortal in the gaming world.

Note: These weapons are my personal top 10 iconic weapons in no particular order. So there maybe some weapons which you think should be on the list but are not.

So, here we go.


1. Blades of Chaos (God of War)

blades of chaos

Given to Kratos after pledging his allegiance to the then God of War Ares, the Blades of Chaos are the primary weapons of the man with a furious temper. These blades provide the perfect means for Kratos to unleash his rage and fury on the Olympians. Also, they are attached and embedded in Kratos’ flesh, serving as a constant reminder of his oath to Ares.

Sporting some wicked sharp curves and a chain to swing them around, hacking and slashing his way through the Greek Mythology has never been easier for Kratos. The Blades of Chaos can be upgraded to their maximum potential in exchange for red blood orbs. Though never seen again after the death of Ares by Kratos, these blades became synonymous with the God of War franchise for their fearsome power .


2.  The Crowbar (Half Life)


The Crowbar is the the iconic melee weapon of Gordon Freeman, the primary protagonist of the Half Life series. For a melee weapon, it is surprisingly durable and useful, serving for the whole game length. It is the perfect choice for bashing enemies left and right when the player is low or out of ammo. It is also used to break open supply crates and clearing destructible objects on the path.

Just like a regular crowbar, the weapon is a steel rod with a curved edge containing a split for dislodging nails and levering purposes. It is the perfect weapon to smash Headcrabs as they only require 1 hit to kill. The weapon can be swung at fast speed, so it can be used against multiple enemies in close combat. The weapon has garnered much nostalgia over the years and still remains one of the most iconic weapons, almost as famous as the Half Life series.


3. The Masamune (Final Fantasy series)


The Masamune is the weapon of Sephiroth, the tall, white-haired smug looking antagonist of Final Fantasy VII. Almost as tall as Sephiroth himself, this deadly sword is a harbinger of destruction. An oversized katana, it is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

The Masamune makes it really tough to face Sephiroth in battle. It always takes away a chunk of your life points. Sephiroth in full flight wielding the Masamune is a majestic sight, with his great precision and techniques.


4.Plasma Cutter (Dead Space)


Which weapon do you depend on when you are trapped in a space station with scores of fiendishly looking aliens are out for your blood? Of course, the Plasma Cutter. That’s what Issac Newton does as he fights to survive the onslaught of Necromorphs. It is the most sought after weapon while facing waves of the disfigured extraterrestrial creatures.

Originally used for mining rocks and minerals, the Plasma Cutter is the perfect choice for Issac Clarke, who is an engineer by profession. The Plasma Cutter may somewhat lack in firepower, but it covers it up by offering unparallel accuracy. And this is very much needed against the enemies whose limbs must be seperated from their bodies to make them stay dead. This weapon is truly an icon of one of the most popular survival horror titles.


5. Hidden Blade (Assassins Creed)

hidden blade

The Hidden Blade is the signature weapon worn by every member of the Assassins Creed. It is used for stealth assassinations but if required, can be used for melee combat. The blade is worn on the lower arm, hidden under the sleeve. It can be extended by snapping the wrist upwards, causing the blade to thrust forward. No sound is emanated while assassinating anybody with the Hidden Blade, making it perfect to carry out covert missions even in crowded places.

Over the years, the Hidden Blade has been modified, now capable of shooting darts and also being used as defense against enemies. Performing air assassinations with the blade is one of the most satisfying moments. Though the Assassins Creed franchise has dwindled over the course of time, performing kills with the Hidden Blade remains as much fun as it was when the first Assassins Creed was released.


6. Lightsabers (Star Wars)


This weapon needs no introduction. Popularized by the Star Wars movies, the Lightsabers are popular in the video game franchise as well. Wielded by the Jedi Knights, they require immense skill to use. They are closely related to the Force.

Consisting of a metal hilt that can be extended into a plasma blade, the Lightsaber can cut through anything with consummate ease. You feel invincible when playing as a Force user wielding the Lightsaber. A single individual can cause great destruction with the combination of Lightsaber and Force. Hordes of enemies can be wiped out. The Lightsaber was, is and always will be a feared weapon in the Star Wars universe.


7. Master Sword (Legend of Zelda)

Master sword

As the name suggests, the Master Sword is the strongest weapon in Legend of Zelda series. It is featured on many of the title logos in game series. The Master Sword can never be damaged. It is always glinting and ready to strike. Its magic prevents theft of the sword from Link. It is the only known weapon that can defeat Ganondorf, the antagonist of the series.

The Master Sword is a double edged longsword with a blue hilt. It is locked in an inverted position on a stone pedestal. Only a ‘Hero of Time’ can draw the sword from its shackles. Link’s iconic Master Sword is an ideal example of how a weapon has gained legendary stature in the gaming world.


8. BFG 9000 (Doom)


The BFG 9000 is a large metal gun, capable of blasting the hell out of enemies with large plasma shots. The abbreviation stands for ‘Bio Force Gun.’ It is easily the most powerful weapon in the game by a very long margin. The gun literally annihilates anything and everything in its path.

Non-boss enemies can be obliterated with a single shot while bosses are take huge damage from this cylinder of destruction. This weapon can make your way through the game a walk in the park, provided you have mastered its staggered firing rate. The BFG 9000 adds another dimension to the already superb game.

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Hi there gamers and non-gamers! Pleasure to meet you. My name is Kaiser707 (obviously not my real name) and I hail from India. So I am starting this blog due to my passion for games and writing. I just felt that my opinions for the game industry should be heard by other people. What better way to ramble about your opinions than a blog?

So yeah, let me tell you something about myself. I am a passionate gamer who can play games for a long time in a single sitting. But then you will surely wonder, isn’t that what every gamer does? The answer is yes. But not everyone can start a blog and dedicate himself to it. Thanks to my infatuation for reading and writing, I will combine the best of both worlds to present the ins and outs of the gaming industry to you from a fresh and honest perspective.

About my personal gaming history, I own a PC, a PSP and a PS4. You see, I was gravitated more towards the Playstation than the Xbox from my childhood. So haven’t played many Xbox exclusives as such. I also don’t have the kind of money to buy each and every AAA title that hits the stores. But I try to play every game as and when I can get my hands on it.

I will be doing game reviews, both AAA and Indie titles, whenever I finish playing them. A majority of the reviews will be of games for the Playstation 4 console, but if you guys want me to review a PSP game, I will definetly do so because I have played literally every game launched for the PSP. I will also be covering major gaming conventions like the E3. In this part of the world, there aren’t any major events related to the gaming industry so I can’t be there physically but I can watch the live coverage online. I will bring you the latest developments in the gaming arena as soon as possible. I will also be taking requests from the people catering to specific game reviews (can be any game), info about the latest gaming tech, and more or less anything to do with gaming industry. I will try my level best to fulfill them as soon as possible, if they are possible for me.

The gaming industry in India is still in the nascent stage but it is developing in leaps and bounds. Due to lack of a major Game Development Studio, majority of the games made here on the Android and iOS platform, I’m pretty sure we will have a top-tier studio in the coming years. I am just a regular guy who wants to try his hand at games journalism due to a burning passion for gaming and writing. Constructive feedback is greatly appreciated. I am bound to make mistakes, because this is a venture in a new dimension for me. But I will surely get better at it with passing time and I hope to meet many new people on the road. You can always reach me at I will always be happy to help.

And if you like my blog, please recommend it to anyone who has an interest in games. This will greatly encourage me to publish better content for the readers.

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